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About me

Peter Philips visiting schools in Uganda to share valuable skills, knowledge and attitudes of education with children, teachers and community

I'm Peter

I am a passionate advocate for Conscious Education, Personal Empowerment and a beacon for transformation in a world that often silences our narratives. I have always created sanctuaries where every man and woman's story is valued, heard, and honored.

My mission goes beyond my lifetime. I delve deep into the legacy each human being carries and I truly seek to understand the tapestry of experiences that shape me.


I believe that every phase of a human being's life deserves celebration, from the challenges of adulthood to the bonds we form as partners and parents, to the ceilings we break through as professionals, and the reflective wisdom we enter as we gracefully age.

My vision is to support and uplift men and women to discover unseen reservoirs of courage, resilience, and trust within oneself.


I believe that every human being's life journey is a testament to all of humanity, and I am honored to be part of the awakening process in servitude to many powerful human beings from around the world.


Let's Connect

I love working with those that are willing to awaken and dive in to take action.


If you want to collaborate, share a podcast together or work 1:1 with me or arrange inspiring sessions with your team or company, then let's share time over a free discovery call to make it happen.


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My Programs

My programs build your courage, resilience and legacy. Learn life-changing frameworks and apply them to your life.


1:1 Sessions

I offer limited coaching sessions to help women bring massive clarity, proven systems, and loads of inspiration to their lives.


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