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Conscious Communities

4 week signature program

A condensed, four-week intensive designed to distill your community essence, strategy, and impact. Dive into the principles of Conscious Communities to craft an authentic collective that magnatizes people.


Through reflective exercises and strategic planning, you'll uncover your community's core, articulate a compelling purpose, and develop strategies for meaningful impact.


Let's build a Conscious Community that resonates and leaves a lasting impression for all involved. 


What You Can Expect:


Week 1: Discovery and Visioning

  • Session 1: Introduction to Conscious Communities

    • Overview of the Conscious Community coaching process.

    • Understanding the fundamentals of conscious community practices.

  • Session 2: Deep Dive into Community Identity

    • Self-assessment and reflective exercises to identify personal values and community principles.

    • Exploration of the your unique community's story and core identity.


Week 2: Strategy and Alignment


  • Session 3: Defining Purpose and Impact

    • Clarification of the your community purpose and the impact they aim to make.

    • Aligning purpose with meaningful, sustainable goals.

  • Session 4: Strategic Positioning

    • Analyzing market positioning and identifying unique community propositions.

    • Developing strategies to differentiate the community in the market.


Week 3: Crafting Community Elements


  • Session 5: Visual Identity and Branding Elements

    • Exploring visual elements that align with the community's ethos.

    • Creating a visual mood board and initial community imagery.

  • Session 6: Crafting Compelling Messaging

    • Developing authentic and impactful community messaging.

    • Crafting a community narrative that resonates with the target audience.

Week 4: Implementation and Regenerativity


  • Session 7: Action Planning

    • Creating a step-by-step action plan for community implementation.

    • Setting short-term and long-term goals for community development.

  • Session 8: Integration and Continuous Growth

    • Discussing strategies for ongoing community development and adaptation.

    • Identifying methods to measure and adjust the community's impact and outreach over time.


What You Will Experience:


Each weekly session will include a combination of coaching discussions, interactive exercises, and experiences to ensure practical application of the concepts learned.


What You Will Be Expected To Do:


The program aims to guide you in building a conscious community that authentically reflects the values, resonates with your niche, and creates a positive impact for people and planet.

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