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Self-Worth Educators

8 week Program

Embark on Self-Worth Educators, a bespoke journey aimed at rekindling your educational fervor through self-realization.


This initiative is specifically sculpted for teachers facing the complexities of challenging dialogues, navigating parent-teacher dynamics, and the crucial need to reconnect with their foundational passion for teaching.


It’s about fortifying your self-worth to positively impact your classroom and beyond. Through specialized support and practical approaches, unlock the assertive poise needed to lead with conviction and inspire with passion.


Challenge the Classroom Status Quo:


Initiation: Awakening the Educator's Spirit

An energizing initial session to awaken your passion for teaching and identify areas for growth.

Vision casting for the empowered educator you will become.


Weeks 1-2: Self-Worth and the Educator Identity

Delve into the heart of what it means to be an educator and the intrinsic value you bring to the classroom.

Reflective exercises to solidify your educational philosophy and personal teaching ethos.


Weeks 3-4: Navigating Complex Dynamics


Develop strategies for managing the multifaceted dynamics of parent-teacher relationships.

Role-playing challenging scenarios to enhance communication and conflict resolution skills.


Weeks 5-6: Assertiveness in Action


Engage in assertiveness training tailored to the unique environment educators face.

Practical application of assertive communication techniques within the school setting.


Weeks 7-8: Sustaining Passion and Purpose


Create an action plan to maintain and channel your passion for teaching into every classroom interaction.

Cultivate routines that reinforce your sense of purpose and self-worth as an educator.


Expect Transformative Engagement:


Dynamic sessions that encourage you to embrace your worth as an educator.

Practical tools for maintaining composure and authority in difficult conversations.

A focus on actionable outcomes that lead to real classroom change.


Commit to Your Development:


Actively engage in bi-weekly coaching sessions designed to challenge and support you.

Participate in reflective practices to deepen your understanding of self-worth.

Apply new communication and assertiveness strategies in your daily teaching practice.

Join the SKOOL community of Conscious Educators on a similar path to reinforce your learning journey.

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