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An invitation to co-create CONSCIOUS EDUCATION

Here's your invitation to co-create CONSCIOUS EDUCATION

LINK TO JOIN HERE >>> Conscious Educator Community

I work at pace through rapid iterations

I thrive in servicing one another and developing a very, VERY different approach and heart-set for educators


This is a FREE group

You will find very little inside the group, yet

I'll be online twice a week starting this Saturday (Wednesday for your mid-week energy boost & Saturday to reflect and project into your weekend)

Share, discuss, listen, learn, activate, fail, iterate, consolidate, create relentlessly

Bring your problems and let's workshop them

Bring your ego and let's watch it wither or burn

Bring your heart and let's imagine it to encompass the world

Bring your solutions and share them

Sell your services, teach us and gain feedback

Bring your ideas so we can co-create, catalyze and scale

DO NOT come if you are not willing to actively engage

This is not another 'fun thing' to be a part of to park your comfort in

I am a serious education creator who values my time, competency, value and energy

This is for serious education creators who want to create the future

'Change myself, I change the world' is not a motto, it's a life mantra

This is for educators who are tired of empty brain-led discussions that kill time

I will share my knowledge, skills, attitudes, insights, experience and services

Want to share, let's talk through creating true impact as we walk

I'm managing this in my own time and energy because I need to create

I can't wait

This time, it's my time to lead from my heart and knowing

Inclusivity and Diversity

Independence through Interdependence

Here's the link to join and get active

I'll respond to your actions

Thank you for being you


It's Time ⌛️ 🕊️


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