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Immersed in Authenticity

Enveloped by a life authentically lived
Enveloped by a life authentically lived.

Are you living in authenticity?

I’m looking deep in to this word and my understanding of this as a living experience.

It makes me think deeper about what it is to become my authentic Self.

To live in pure, Authenticity.

At 40 years of life experience and inexperience, it feels like a ‘Membrane of Authenticity’ has arrived upon me.

A slow, deeply contemplative and feeling based presence.

This is a deeply selfish view of life.

Come on! I’ve got things to do and creations to manifest.

You know, generational and systemic belief systems I perceive and yearn to transcend through action.

Not solely through thought and speaking.

Considering, I have responsibilities as a single-father and for the people I love.

For the words I have spoken and proclaimed both near and far.

Publicly and in moments of intimate privacy.

Let alone the places, I revere that are being destroyed and taken advantage of for their sheer magnificence and beauty.

A membrane of Authenticity immerses and demands patience.
A membrane of Authenticity immerses and demands patience.

But truly,

The ideas bound like a flock of baby goats released into the abundant fields after a cold winter-running into each other and then feeling the boundaries of physical matter in butting heads with one another!

And then,

The membrane of Authenticity immerses and demands your patience.

A painful pace of deep, painful slow.

A presence of time that is not of human intelligence or control.

The highest of high sources.


Weaving its way.

Along Its path of Authenticity.

To arrive somewhere, anywhere, everywhere.

That only a future hindsight may offer my story that will unfold.

A life lived in perceived authenticity, enveloped by a life authentically lived.


So… my new authenticity rule for 2024:

Add “the real you” to your work and writings → let's thank one another later

I’m a curious person… how do you stay authentic?

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